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Casa Deyra — Pioneering in Serviced Accommodations

Jun 30, 2019

About a year ago Rupesh Mahato, who had spent almost two decades in the fields of advertising, media, marketing and real estate, with his colleagues started ‘Casa Deyra’ – a collection of service apartments run under a single name.

‘Casa’ means ‘home’ in Spanish and ‘Deyra’ being ‘rent’ in Nepali, as the name suggests it is not a hotel or a guest house but rather a collection of fully furnished apartments and B&Bs that are serviced with housekeeping and 24-hr security. They currently have over 30 accommodations consisting of 1BR, 2BR and 3BR units.

Tastefully appointed with complete amenities and facilities, they accommodate both short term and long-term guests who seek quality interiors, good location and impeccable services. Their units in Kathmandu come with well-equipped kitchen/ kitchenette, proper water supply, power backup, laundry services and housekeeping facilities as per the requirements of their guests.

Additionally, they also provide 24-hr support during emergencies. As a professionally managed company they cater to the varied needs of their guests and offer a comfortable and hassle-free stay at any of their properties, which automatically makes it much better than any privately owned B&B’s While there does exist a few private service apartments run by homeowner themselves Casa Deyra claims to be the first of its kind to operate service apartments on such a huge scale with this many number of properties under a single brand name. The company after just ten months of being in business, now runs 35 properties in the valley, in areas like Sanepa, Jhamsikhel, Patan Durbar, Lazimpat et cetera. They plan on broadening their network and increasing the numbers at least up to a hundred by next year through more service villas and even individual service houses.

Why Host with Casa Deyra?

Casa deyra is a unique opportunity not only for guests but also home owners who aim to earn extra cash from their vacant properties. Rental income seems easy until you face annoying renters, and deal with maintenance and utilities. Their team of housekeepers are trained to clean and upkeep a property to hotel standards. They also keep an eye out for any property damage so that repair is swift and property is in top shape. The homeowners need not worry about their property listed under Casa’s professional management.

“My apartment at the Classic Towers had been empty for two years when I found out about Casa Deyra. At first I was a little hesitant to give my property on lease for five years but as I live in Pokhara, the property had become quite a problem for me. I couldn’t find proper tenants and it was just not time effective for me to keep on looking after it so I handed it over to Casa Deyra. It has been almost a year that I partnered up with them now and I recommend their services to everybody. I didn’t know that you could earn such a steady income from a property.” says Diperndra Sharma, owner of one of the Casa’s featured accommodations.

Anyone can create a listing but a listing that is updated daily, customised for maximum effectiveness and guest queries answered within minutes is at a different level altogether. In order to make their communication effective, the communication team even works after hours to ensure queries are answered within minutes. They also write up an excellent profile about their property that helps the guest imagine themselves in the property. “Rather than describe what is, we describe what they could do with it,” adds Mahato.

Based on Mahato’s experience, properties under professional short and long term management generate more income than others. But not everyone can register as a Casa host. Only after fulfilling certain criteria and meeting up to Casa standards one can enlist their property. Hence casa believes that all of its service apartments are at least up to a three-star hotel standards.

If the house owner wants to invest in upgrading their house, Casa’s team of interior designers study their property and work with them to create a space that is beautiful by design and a model of efficiency.Homeowners can choose from a fixed income or a percentage based income. If you want to take no chances then fixed is good for you. If you are willing to take a chance on increasing income then a percentage is right for you. Homes will be listed on Airbnb and primarily.

The first Casa unit took two months to rent out. Although it came to a slow start, now their average occupancy rate being 60 per cent, it has quickly picked up pace. It costs the guests about 4000 per day onwards to stay in a Casa apartment. As their stay gets longer, the price gets cheaper.

Why stay with Casa Deyra?

It can cost about 60 thousand up to 2 lakhs to rent a casa apartment. They give their guests an almost customised property as per their needs and lifestyle. Casa helps it’s guests with everything from finding an ideal home to weekly housekeeping, laundry, dry cleaning, tour & travel advice and even ticketing.

Casa Deyra ensures a ‘home away from home’, understanding guests’ privacy and security, with added benefits of great housekeeping services on request. “Bring the whole family! The 2bhk flat was more than I needed. It had outstanding value for money in the heart of Jhamsikhel. With outstanding walkability to Patan and Local Restaurants nearby. A very responsible staff, friendly security, and ease of access made this Airbnb a sure return for me. Thank you to the whole staff!”- Michael, USA (via Airbnb)

Casa Deyra:- Bhanimandal, Jawalakhel

Contact: 01 5527002


Website: Casa Deyra