Why List With Us.


Rental income seems easy until you get that call in the middle of the night, or have to deal with a KichKich renter. Let us be the one doing that dirty job for you.

Property Care.

Renters don’t really care for your property. You only find out when its too late. Not with us. We take care of your property, everyday.

Up to 50%

More income

Full Transparancy.

You will have full access to view every booking and booking amount.

You Live abroad.

No more worries if you work or live abroad, your property back home will be in good hands.


Professionally Managed


Based on our experience, properties under professional short and long term management generate more income than others.


You already have enough on your plate, your property should not be your headache. Under our professional management, your property will generate great income and be in fantastic shape.


Trasparency & Care

How we work together.

Step 1:
Let us know if you’d like to know more. We’re sure you’d like to ask a lot of questions. We can meet at your property over coffee and discuss everything.

Step 2:
Based on our initial property observation and information, we can make a fixed income or percent of income offer as per your choice

Step 3:
We do a thorough property audit and work with your permission to create a great space. We then sign a contract and begin our partnership

Introduce A Homeowner

Receive a Bonus if listed

You may know a homeowner who would be ideal for this. If you introduce them to us and we end up listing the home, then the first 7 days rental fee will be paid to you as a bonus.

7 Days

Rental as Bonus

Casa Deyra Interiors

Casa Deyra Interiors (CDI) is a subsidiary unit of Casa Deyra. CDI started as a project on a need basis whenever Casa Deyra took over an apartment or a building that required interior work before the space could be another unit under Casa Deyra management.