About Us.

Home Rental Management Company

We are a serviced accommodations company based in Kathmandu valley.

We lease homes and apartments from property owners and rent them out to tourists, expats and travelers making it convenient for both owners and guests. If you as home/apartment looking to convert your asset into a steady income, we are here for you. Choosing a suitable tenant is not an easy task. And you don't have the time to actively manage the property once rented. Thus, we bridge that gap - efficiently and professionally.

Rental income seems like an easy income source until you have to take active care and manage the property while dealing with demanding tenants from all over the world. This can be a major cause for concern for those who live outside Nepal and have property back home. With Casa at your service, you can sit back and enjoy your monthly rental income along with the the assurance that your property is in the hands of professionals and is being very well looked after.


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